Our robot WINSIX is our top of the range robot.

Robot WinsixIt is used for applications with VISION SYSTEMS or OFFLINE PROGRAMMING, when is requested a particular precision in the paintig process or a larger working area.

It is characterized by the highest quality level, a great robustness and a very high level of reliability.

Our WINSIX robot is fully integrated with one of our softwares, in order to offer to the Customer a complete solution for its painting process.

EPISTOLIO offers different type of vision system and softwares for the elaboration of the images:

EPI-WINVISION: it is a 2D (optional 3D) system used in for the automatic painting of windows and doors. EPI-WINVISION is able to scan the image of the windows while they are moving on the conveyor and to send the data directly to the robot, who will immediately elaborate them and create the painting program, using some parameters set by the operator.

EPISTOLIO 3D Vision SystemEPI-3DVISION: it is an hardware and software package for the analysis and partitioning of 3D surfaces through cameras or laser scanners. The primitives generated by the software are processed in order to obtain an optimized painting path. Depending from the type of pieces to be painted, different recipes can be saved by managing numerous parameters of robot and spraygun set.

EPI-SIMULATION:This software allows to make the robot programming using only a personal computer.
The robot is programmed like a CNC machine, starting from a CAD/CAM base which is WINSIX - Simulationused to import the 3D drawing of the piece to be painted and generate the path of the tools. After which, EPI-SIMULATION allows to simulate the created program in a 3D environment and to convert it into the language of the robot.

Finally, our WINSIX robot can be supplied with a WORLDWIDE WARRANTY, with skilled technicians and spare parts available in most of the countries of our end-users. Moreover, before or aftr the delivery, we can organize courses of different levels for the training of the people who will have to work with the robot.