Our digital printer “IRIS”, engineered and developed in cooperation with company Solytex, thanks to its Valvejet technology, is able to print on a wide variety of substrates, such as wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, using a wide range of fluids. The software which manages the printer is able to combine extreme versatility and ease of use. The operator, through a dedicated interface, will be able to handle all the functions of the printer, such as the real time control of the colors and the quantity of fluid to be applied.

IRIS is designed to be used in many different sectors, particularly in woodworking.

It allows the use of four components simultaneously, even of different nature between them. It can print with UV resins, neutral or colored, pigments, acids and bleaches.

The print heads are specifically made to be used with UV resins; In fact they are made of stainless steel in each part in contact with the fluid. The machine ‘can also control the temperature independently in each ocircuit of the head.

The head can be equipped with UV LED lamps, for the polymerization of the resins.

IRIS includes a touch-screen multi-function panel for the control of all the movement and the management of all the parameters of the heads and the UV LEDs.

3D Digital Printer

3D digital print on wood panels