Thanks to a long partnership with a well known company in the ceramic industry, Epistolio has built, over the years, a valuable experience in the field of glazing and enamelling. In fact, now several robots Epistolio operate in the ceramic sector, in particular for the automatic glazing of sanitary articles such as: toilets, washbasins and shower trays.Glazing Robot

There are many customers which are satisfied of the functionality and robustness of our machines.
For this sector in fact we offer a system composed by a robot series MRK and a rotating carousel with four arms, programmed by self-learning.
The modularity of our robot MRK facilitates its use in most of the applications, and dramatically decreases the time of installation and start-up.

Motoman1Our robots are specifically designed, engineered and built in order to work in harsh environments, such as glazing booths. Stainless steel components ensure greater resistance to corrosion and humidity, typical variables of a glazing cell.

The robots series MRK can be equipped with one or two guns, allowing a fast and uniform enamelling.

Our company is also capable of developing customized applications, designed according to the specific customers needs. With the collaboration of our end users, we have installed robots for spraying of resinglass or gelcoat on bathtubs and in the marine industry and robots for the spraying of releasing agents on molds.

Video – Glazing Robot for Sanitarywares

Video – Robot Spraying Fiberglass